About Your Rad Hosts

To be a ‘Sacred Radical’ is to stand for the affirmation that all of life is sacred, and the immanence of deity in all things, whilst seeking to work magic to create a positive difference in the community.

By being ‘radical’, we seek to innovate and create new spaces that are inclusive to All, and we adhere to the universal tenet of doing the least harm possible.

About Mara

I am a spiritual seeker, a lover of all things occult and a delver into places unknown. I have a fascination with caves and hidden things, old objects and places and the history behind them. I love reading and writing, playing and making music, cooking and digging in the garden. I adore my family and friends, my partner and child, my dog and my kitties. I love life and all the creatures and life-forms on this planet… except cockroaches.

I’m an environmentalist, a humanitarian, an activist and a conservationist. I dream of living among the trees, high on a hill and breathing the untainted air, growing my own food and living as sustainable a life as possible with my loved ones around me. I dream also of travelling to exotic lands and soaking in the historical legacy and ancient energy of past cultures and times.

I am a dreamer, a weaver of magick, a science enthusiast, a musician, a yoga practitioner, a mother, a lover, a friend. I thrill in the experiences of this physical realm, this Earthly existence, yet still seek the land beyond the veil. I would jump through the Stargate in a millisecond. I am voracious for knowledge, always.

Above all, I am me.

About Eris

I am artist and witch whose craft comprises of tea drinking, leaving offerings for Hekate, chatting to magpies that hang out on the powerlines and hugging trees who sometimes hug back.

As well as posting my art and writings over at eriselizabeth.net, I also hang out on YouTube making the odd video, I am working on my own project The Volta Tarot, and surrendering to embodying the archetype of a swamp harpy. My pagan path has taken me along the paths of Eclectic Wicca, chaos magic, and bardic druidry, with a special interest in localising my practices for the Australian context.

A lover of reading, I have worked in both libraries, the arts and education. I love starting new projects and even finishing them (thanks, Aries Sun & Virgo Rising) on the odd occasion. I love sharing, learning, teaching and evolving, and producing a podcast with one of my most beloved friends is one way to do that.