Episode 1 – Introduction and Eclectic Witchcraft

Our very first episode is now live! Download below:

Download Episode 1 – Introduction and Eclectic Witchcraft (right click and save)

In this debut cast, we get to know the hosts Eris & Mara, and we talk a little about what our podcast will be about. This episode, our main topic is Eclectic Wicca and Eclectic Witchcraft. What does it mean to be Eclectic, and Pagan? We also have a chat about the current hot topic of ‘Is Paganism Dying’? As well as give some advice to anyone who may be a seeker on the path of Paganism or Witchcraft.

If you’ve got any topics you’d like to see us cover, or any questions at all, let us know in the comments and we’ll address them in future casts.

We hope you enjoy. Stay Sacred, Stay Radical!